Right on Time

CD Cover Falling Sickness
Hopeless Records

Review by P. Freako

32-second excerpt from "Runaway" (various formats)

Falling Sickness hail from Riverside, California, and what we have here are four kids who want to do what they bloody well want, to hell with society, see ya later ma', I'm joining a punk band and I'm gonna drink my face off, so Fuck You. Their CD, Right on Time, falls into the speed/ska/punk genre and, geez, it's pretty cool. Because Right on Time falls into this genre, you might listen to this and say, ya know, I've heard this before. You might also want to say... Rancid. But, no, you won't hear anything from Falling Sickness on C-FOX. They carry a much angrier, in your face, punk edge, and I don't think I've seen a picture of these guys without a beer in their hands, so I guess the band name was aptly chosen.

All 18 of these songs immediately hit the brain, causing it to release hyped-up streams of nerve impulses throughout the unprepared body. There are no rests: each song just bleeds into the preceeding one. Short, choppy vocals are ingrained with constant guitar riffs and power chords. Falling Sickness don't take themselves too seriously, and that's why this CD is infectious. They just play 18 songs and play them all hard, whether it be the ska sounds of "Runaway" or the punkedness of "Ripperside," all of which makes me believe that they'd be fun to see live. Damned border guards!

Hopeless Records, P.O. Box 7495, Van Nuys, CA, 91409-7495

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 12, 1996

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