CD Cover Funeral Oration
Hopeless Records

Review by P. Freako

34-second excerpt from "Still in a Punk Band" (various formats)

Veteran Dutch punk rockers Funeral Oration's first U.S. release has hit the streets. The self-titled offering is filled with 16 melodic punk tunes that provide an aggressive background to help you get through your day -- at the end of that day to make you stand up and question why you put up with the rat race bullshit that fills our society.

Funeral Oration skips the glitter and flash of most pop punkers these days, opting to concentrate their efforts on their songs instead of their hair. You may listen to this and draw some comparisons to Bad Religion in style, with its straight-ahead messages. "Still in a Punk Band," an autobiographical song, I'm sure, is a standout that kicks off the CD, while "World Needs Changing" is a summation of their collective beliefs.

This CD never breaks away from its melodic, power guitar style, and it is tough to pick standout songs, but, then again, that's a good thing. You'll probably listen to it and be unable to pick your favourite song, but you also won't be able to pick a song you dislike, either. Funeral Oration have proven that they are no "flash in the pan" with a hit single, and they have impressed me again by being able to put out another good CD from start to finish... or should I say, from start to Dutch?

Hopeless Records, 15910 Ventura Blvd., 11th Floor, Encino, CA, 91436-2804

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 12, 1996

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