Here Comes Tomorrow

CD Cover Thrill Squad
Ape No Kill Ape Records

Review by Pieter Hofmann

45-second excerpt from "Blast of Sunshine" (various formats)

There's just something about power-pop. It always sounds better loud and naïvely positive, and Here Comes Tomorrow is no exception. From the ashes of one of the more pleasurable Vancouver indie-pop bands of the '80s, Go Four 3, comes Thrill Squad, sturdily equipped with their latest EP. Part Buzzcocks, part Hoodoo Gurus, with a splattering of the Wedding Present, and definitely mod-influenced, the quintet deserves a space on any pop-junkie's shelf. But, while influences are abundant on Here Comes Tomorrow, the band sounds totally fresh and centered in their pop abandon.

Fronted by Roxanne Heichert (from the Siouxsie/Poly Styrene school of vocals), the group blasts through the half-dozen sugary tracks without a cavity. While nothing matches up to the opening track, appropriately titled "Blast of Sunshine," the quintet open up their six-song bag of treats with generosity. If you're a sucker for sweets, proceed to the candystore.

[Editor's note, June 25, 1997: Congratulations to Roxanne Heichert, who gave birth to a little baby girl on June 20th! Mom, dad and baby are all doing just fine. At this rate, we’re going to need on-site day-care at the clubs, soon...]

Artist Contact Info: A.N.K.A. Records, 1310 Wellington Drive, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V7K 1L5

First published in Drop-D Magazine on June 20, 1997

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