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CD Cover Joe's Funeral
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Review by Darren Kerr

44-second excerpt from "Tender Cage/Esta Doblado" (various formats)

When I left Toronto seven years ago, there were lots o' people into that roots rock/power folk/literate Canadian twang that bands like Lowest of the Low, Temper and Mighty Train Revue were ripping out. Joe's Funeral fall into this same realm with their witty lyrics and blue collar storytelling.

Blending many styles -- Hüsker Dü riffing, Shadowy Men surf and Morricone refried soundtrack -- the band particularly shines on "Tender Cage/Esta Doblado," "Strapped" and "Indian Head Ring." Gord Tough's guitar playing succeeds at keeping things well away from the land of the bland, while the vocals of Tough and drummer Warren Cliff are inseparable, their grasp of falsetto being particularly impressive.

Harder sounding than I expected, this CD is recommended to anyone into the above bands. Kick Tom Petty's ass from here to Kansas...

Artist Contact Info: 725 College St., P.O. Box 31023, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6G 1C5,

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 1, 1997

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