The Untouchable

CD Cover Scarface
Rap-a-Lot / Virgin

Review by Gisele Grignet

45-second excerpt from "No Warning" (various formats)

Whatchabunchafuckin' what?! I know I'm an alien visitor when it comes to rap, but I really need a lyric sheet for this one, because this record has a bad case of the mumbles. I have no idea what Scarface is talking about. The insert for the CD has an obnoxious eight panels to lay clues on me, but doesn't succeed.

There are a lot of influential and infamous guests on this disc: Lisa Crawford, Daz, 2Pac, Johnny P, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and Too $hort, but, for all that, what's weird is that it's not a very aggressive or bitchy record -- it's more like rap on Valium. Very slow, with every song kind of washed into the next, so that, of course, nothing stands out. Before anyone gets around to singing, or rather speaking, a note, we have to suffer through these Barry White on 33rpm, bad disco-type intros.

Redundant, boring and very "done."

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 16, 1997

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