A Fistfull of Hollers

CD Cover Saddlesores

Review by Rodney Gitzel

45-second excert from "Garbage Truck of Love" (various formats)

Seeing as I'm the one quoted in the Saddlesores' press kit describing their Shindig performance as "a young Elvis in cahoots with Pantera," I'm a little annoyed with this, the band's first CD. Either they've really melllloowwed, or I had my earplugs in waaay too tight at that show. Hmmm. Now it's more like Elvis and Dwight Yoakam starting a nondescript garage band.

That said, if you're curious about the seeming wave of country influences in rock music, if you only know Elvis from TV, or if you're just looking for something local to two-step to, pick this disc up. Tunes like "Redneck Punk" and "Garbage Truck of Love" have a nice rollick to them, not to mention a bit of a warped lyrical sense. "Mexican Showdown" has a cool spaghetti-western vibe, and "Garth Brooks" actually does go heavy, if only for a few bars at a time. "Oldsmobile" and "Lust Hound" are annoyingly croony and sappy, but that's par for the genre.

There's nothing unique, here, though. They used to have something going with their country/metal mix. Now they're pretty much a generic country/rockabilly band. Sigh...

Artist Contact Info: Box 4, 199 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C., empyre@axionet.com

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 28, 1997

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