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Review by Darren Kerr

45-second excerpt from "Wind" (various formats)

You know that Pure Moods album? The one with Enigma, Enya, Angelo Badalamenti, etc. Well, this would fit perfectly into that new-age soundtrack. Lush keyboards, gently Spanish acoustic guitar and a tickyticky drum machine form the base over which Jennifer Scott and Christine Duncan spin webs of ethereal, wordless voice.

Introspection is the brainchild of guitarist Paul Schmidt and Rymes with Orange keyboardist Bob D'eith, and it's quite nice, really. Tailor-made for those nights when you're just on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Just add a few chirping birds sounds and some cascading water and you've got the lost volume of Solitudes.

Artist Contact Info: Box 38566, Lower Lonsdale RPO, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V7L 4T7,

First published in Drop-D Magazine on September 27, 1997

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