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September 27, 1997 ~ Vol. 2 No. 23 ~ Issue 72


An Afternoon at the Improv - NOT!
The Pacific Northwest's biggest buzz band finally makes it to Vancouver.
Live Review: Sleater-Kinney / the Evaporators / the Lookers, the Web Cafe, September 21, 1997

Roast Pigs & Skookum Burgers
Pick up a ten-piece box on your way to the show...
Interview: Dave Hartman of Southern Culture on the Skids, September 1997

Flying Solo
Former Spirit of the West member takes flight.
Interview: Linda McRae, September 1997

Live, But Not Luscious
It must be laundry day...
Live Review: Live / Luscious Jackson, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, September 12, 1997

The Sound of Creation
Maybe now we know who had all the talent in Spacemen 3!
Live Review: Spectrum / Pipedream / Magnog / the Beans, the Starfish Room, September 17, 1997

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Econoline Crush
The Devil You Know

Kula Shaker
Summer Sun EP


Wiggler vs. Godzilla

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