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October 11, 1997 ~ Vol. 2 No. 25 ~ Issue 74

Note: Due to a number of late stories, issue #75 will be a week late. Look for it October 24th.


Where's the Wank?!?
It sounded scary, but this potential ego-fest was actually fun!
Live Review: G3 - Joe Satriani / Steve Vai / Kenny Wayne Sheppard / Robert Fripp, Plaza of Nations, September 26, 1997

In Tight with God and the Purple One
Presumably God plugs his fingers in his ears, at times...
Live Review: Prince / Graham Central Station, GM Place, September 26, 1997

Rock, Roll, Row Your Boat...
The only show in town that might make you seasick.
Live Review: Dorothy Missing / Suzanne Wilson, the Portside Room, September 25, 1997

Nothing's Better than the Real Thing!
"Elvis meets Aerosmith"?!? Hmmmm...
Live Review: The Gandharvas / the Smokin' Frogs, the Starfish Room, September 24, 1997

CD Reviews

Blue Stingrays - Surf-n-Burn

Ford Pier - Meconium

Pink Noise Test - Plasticized

Van Allen Belt - The Brown Bomber

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Live at Carnegie Hall

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